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Set your goal.  Pick your plan.  Ride your bike.  Get results.

No matter what your fitness level or why you ride, the iBike POWERHOUSE provides you with the fastest, most effective way to reach your goals.

iBike POWERHOUSE combines state-of the-art exercise measurement, expert guidance, and captivating interaction in a complete, easy-to-use system. 

Compatible with:

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod touch (30 pin connector)  



  • Wireless ANT+ speed sensor
  • Bicycle Mount
  • POWERHOUSE app (free download from App Store)



NOTE:  For best audio results use a Bluetooth wireless headset for training.


iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Country of Origin:  USA

Product Videos

iBike POWERHOUSE TV commercial shown on NBC Sports Channel
    iBike POWERHOUSE TV commercial shown on NBC Sports Channel
  • Water tight iB...
    Water tight iBike Case
    Find out what the iBike Powerhouse product contains
    Watch John Hamann, CEO of iBike, ride with the iBike. See how...
    See how simple it is to set up the iBike Powerhouse.

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1 year

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Product Reviews

  1. Does the job 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Sep 2013

    I wanted a power meter but did not want all of the headaches: how to use it, what does it do for me.

    The Powerhouse made training with power easy. Best of all, I became a better cyclist, and it was motivating to use the product.

  2. It really works!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2013

    I always wanted to try training with power, but I did not want to hire a coach, and I did not want to read a long book.

    The Powerhouse includes a "virtual" coach (interval workouts, plans and videos by Hunter Allen) and it makes training brain-dead easy--just pedal hard enough to put the yellow needle between the brackets.

    My cycling fitness and performance have improved a lot. Best of all, the Powerhouse made it fun!

  3. Men's Health Magazine - Coolest Gifts for Men 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2012

    For the cycling fiend in your family or circle of friends, this could be a game-changer. The iBike Powerhouse is a tool that integrates with an iPhone to track vitals during your ride. It comes pre-loaded with specific workouts tailored to any fitness level, then adapts to you based on the results, providing real-time updates on how hard you should be pedaling (measured in power) to meet your goals. Bonus: the training plans are written by Hunter Allen—one of the nation's top endurance coaches—so you know the challenges are legit. Question is: Who on your list is up for it?

    Read more at Men's Health: http://www.menshealth.com/best-life/gift-guide#ixzz2Dkl2LBbZ

  4. Turns Your iPhone into an Outdoor Gym 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2012

    John and his team came up with iBike, a line of cycling power meters. But now, they're releasing the iBike Powerhouse, that uses your iPhone to coach and track you along your ride.


  5. iBike POWERHOUSE-Complete Cycling Fitness Plan 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2012

    Through the years, I’ve reviewed several devices for iPhones and iPods that purport to be sturdy protective mounts for bicycle usage….
    The iBike POWERHOUSE ensures both the safety of your iPhone and your body with its well-designed mount for the 3 and 4 series iPhones.

    "If you’re looking for a way to get more mileage out of your mileage and kick up your bicycle training, give the iBike POWERHOUSE a try."

    Written by Chris Chamberlain, Copyright © Gear Diary


  6. Really Made A Difference in My Cycling 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2012

    Though I have bicycled for many years and for thousands of miles, using the Powerhouse Fitness System has made my cycling new, fresh, and fun.

    The Powerhouse Fitness System includes a case for my iPhone, electronics inside the case that measure cycling power, and the Powerhouse app that includes fitness plans designed by Hunter Allen, a highly regarded cycling coach. The app works only with the Powerhouse case, and you have to buy the case accessory.

    I've never had a cycling coach before, and I am finding that having one is really helpful. Now, Hunter isn't training me for a pro cycling race; his Powerhouse plans help with much more basic things. In my case, I don't have a lot of time to ride my bike, so I am using the "Express Fitness" plan, a $9.95 in-app purchase, and one of 6 plans included with the Powerhouse app (2 plans are free).

    Express Fitness provides 54 cycling workouts of about one hour each. Hunter uses "High Intensity Training" techniques in Express Fitness, so I get the same results in a one hour ride that I would get riding twice the time with my local bike club rides.

    One reason the workouts are great is because the Powerhouse case measures cycling power--how much effort I expend at each instant of the ride. Power is the measurement used by pro cyclists, but I don't get a bunch of numbers to understand. Rather, in the app, a yellow pointer moves from left to right as I pedal harder (more cycling power moves the needle farther to the right).

    When doing Powerhouse workouts, white "brackets" are positioned over a rainbow-colored background. I pedal hard enough to move the pointer between the brackets.

    The brackets stay in fixed positions for timed "segments"; the farther to the right the brackets are positioned, the "hotter" the color is underneath them, and the harder I have to pedal. There are 10-30 segments in each ride; the work segments are 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length, with rest segments in between. When I am 30 seconds from finishing the current segment, the app shows the "color" of the next segment. When the color of the next segment is red, I know I'm in for some real work; when it's green, I can look forward to recovery!

    How the brackets are positioned in each ride is where Hunter's coaching knowledge and my cycling/fitness objectives intersect. In each workout, the number of segments, their time length, and the position of the brackets vary. This makes each workout new, challenging, and anything but boring. Another reason the workouts are effective is because they are customized.

    Before starting Express Fitness I did a simple 5 minute test, riding hard, letting the Powerhouse assess my current level of fitness. After the test, the power pointer position was customized as a percentage of my particular fitness level. No doubt it takes a lot more power for Lance to get the pointer half way across the screen than it takes for me!

    Doing cycling workouts outdoors can be very different from day to day, because weather conditions are always changing. The Powerhouse accounts for this, because it measures wind speed (among other things). In my ride today, there were very strong winds. Riding with a tail wind, I had to pedal my bike about 26 mph to get the needle pointed between the brackets. But when I turned around and faced a strong headwind, my bike speed was only about 14 mph, even though the bracket position had not changed. Also, when I ride up hills, the Powerhouse accounts for that too, because it measures hill slope. I ride much more slowly, but with the same level of power effort as when riding on a level road. And, the Powerhouse also tells me what "cadence" (rotational speed of the pedals) to use in each segment. I've learned better how to shift gears and where my body works most efficiently. So, no matter where I ride, or what the weather is, the Powerhouse figures things out so that my pedaling effort is consistent.

    At first, keeping the pointer between the brackets was difficult, due to my untrained, uneven pedaling. Over time, I have become much smoother in my pedaling, both in terms of cycling effort and cadence (the Powerhouse provides cadence information, too). This helps me ride more consistently. I have done 32 of the 54 Express Fitness workouts. It is a lot of fun; every day the workout is quite different. Some days Hunter has my lungs working hard; other days my legs get pushed to the max. Every now and then I do a new "Fitness Test". This recalibrates the workouts to my improved fitness level. A nice bonus is when I ride (safely) with Bluetooth headphones, Hunter's voice comes in periodically, telling what's coming, or encouraging me ("This is tough, but you can do it!" is one comment that helps me push through).

    When I'm finished with the 54 workouts of Express Fitness I can repeat the plan again (starting at a much higher fitness level!) or I can do a different plan. I'm going to do the CycleMax plan next--the description says it is a bit tougher, but it’s free.

    Overall, I am now a much better cyclist, much more physically fit, and I enjoy riding my bike even more. The Powerhouse has been a big part of all three improvements