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iBike Newton

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Accurate, user-friendly, value-driven, technologically-forward. Simply, Genius.

The iBike Newton is more than just “the next generation of power measurement technology”.

The Newton is a complete redesign of the original iBike power measurement system, reflecting the input and “wish list” features of thousands of cyclists world-wide.

Simply, the Newton delivers the best in accuracy, and simplicity at an affordable price.

With exclusive environmental measures like wind speed and hill slope, the iBike Newton gives you more than just WHAT your power number is - it tells you WHY it is!

Learn more about the iBike Newton.

Superb Accuracy is just the Beginning

How does Newton accuracy stack-up against SRM, PowerTap, Gamin Vector, and others?  You'll be amazed: check out a side-by-side comparison review in RennRad, a prestigious German cycling magazine:  RennRad Review

Complete Flexibility

With the Newton, you don't have to change ANY of your bike components: use any wheels, hub, crank, or pedals you want!

Have more than one bike?  With the Newton, you'll get power readings on them all, just by moving your Newton computer head from bike to bike.


Your iBike Newton includes EVERYTHING you need to get fully functioning power measurements and training, right out of the box:

  1. iBike Newton power meter computer with built-in rechargeable battery
  2. Mount for attaching the iBike to the bicycle (choose Dual Mount, TT Mount, or Front Mount)
  3. Combined ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensor
  4. USB Cable (Requires User-Supplied PC/Mac or USB charger For Recharging The Newton's Battery)
  5. Isaac Ride Analysis Software for Mac/PC
  6. Quick Start Instructions (Additional instructions and videos are also included in the Help menu of Isaac)


Accessorize your iBike Newton

Any time you wish,  add more advanced features to your iBike Newton, including:

  1. Indoor Trainer capability
  2. Newton Tracker GPS mapping capability (requires iPhone/Android smartphone)
  3. Send iBike power data to ANT+ bike computers (Garmin and others)
  4. Wind Tunnel CdA measurement
  5. PowerStroke left/right leg analysis
  6. 2nd Bike setup kits
  7. ANT+ Heart Rate Strap


Check out iBike feature upgrades here, and other iBike Newton product accessories here


Product Videos

Newton Setup (05:02)
How to complete the Newton setup.
  • Newton Setup
    How to complete the Newton setup.

Product Videos

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1 year

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  1. Thumbs up, after 2 long rides.

    Posted by murray on 25th Aug 2014

    Easy setup, calibration, and accurate wrt the Computrainer, within 2%.
    Quick download for review on the computer.
    At times, it seemed on downhills that I was pedalling with power, but the wattage briefly read 0.
    Like the ease of reading % gradient, as well as watts and RPM.
    This has exceeded expectations!

  2. Great Product

    Posted by Ricky on 3rd Jul 2014

    Have used the iBike Newton for a couple of weeks now and it works great. I rode 50 miles with a buddie who has a direct force power meter and the power levels indicated between the devices were amazing close and within the range I would have expected given the difference in our body weights. I have checked the power levels on the same climb, and at approximately the same speed, the power levels were almost identical. I also purchased the indoor trainer option and it works great. I would definitely recommend this product. The accuracy appears to be good, and from ride to ride, power levels appear to be very consistent for similar effort levels. Setup is really easy with the latest firmware. The instructions on how to set up profiles for different bikes and keep them straight after cal rides is somewhat confusing. Otherwise, I would give 5 stars.

  3. Amazing

    Posted by Bill Mauro on 19th May 2014

    I liken this to a new smartphone, more capability than I am used to. But, Once you get used to the logic and functionality it is informative and easy. I like it much better than a Garmin for the type of riding / training I do.

  4. Solid Product

    Posted by Unknown on 6th May 2014

    Very good product. Set-up is a bit of a chore. The calibration ride takes a bit if you live in a place with no straight, flat, or smooth roads. Those are very, very minor and are just 40 minutes at that. Overall, I'm very pleased. The software is very navigable too.

  5. Great Product

    Posted by Seth on 18th Feb 2014

    I've had the Newton for about 3 weeks now. I purchased it along with the Triathlon mount, wind sensor, and trainer mode. Its still the middle of winter so I've only used it indoors and can not rate the wind sensor or how it works outdoors yet. The display screen and functionality of the Newton is a bit hard to figure out. There's not much for instructions that are provided however after searching everything is available on the website. I probably did not need the triathlon mount. With the wind sensor the standard mount will work fine. Probably to early to give an in depth review but for using on the trainer it's worked well so far. Results seem consistant. The isaac software is nice. Gives a good graph of everything you've done. I can't wait to get outdoors and use it.

  6. Great Product

    Posted by N/A on 13th Feb 2014

    This is my second iBike unit, the first was an iPro when they came out. I would highly recommend this power meter to anyone wanting to improve their riding abilities and train with power. Having data such as your NP and TSS is extremely valuable when planning your training to improve.

  7. Easy setup/all functions "go"

    Posted by Bob Bellafronto on 3rd Feb 2014

    No trouble with installation and setup. Did a Cal Ride and went off for 30 miles - trouble free. I did put a stronger magnet I had on the crank arm. With the supplied magnet the cadence sensored seemed overly critical about distance - with the stronger magnet it's rock solid.
    Don't have a DFPM to compare to, but from the comments of people who do, I have no concern about accuracy or repeatability.

  8. Within 2% of an SRM

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jan 2014

    This is excerpted from the February 2014 issue of the important German cycling magazine RennRad, which reviewed 6 power meters, including the SRM and iBike Newton:

    "The installation of the iBike Newton is very straightforward. Like an ordinary bicycle computer, it is mounted on the handlebars or stem. Then, you attach a combined ANT+ cadence and speed sensor on the chain stay, and also a spoke magnet, and off you go."

    "The Newton refutes the thesis that power should be measured directly and cannot be determined exactly by indirect measurement. Thanks to the wind and acceleration sensors, incredibly accurate power values can be displayed - and also in real time, not like the previous generation iBike computer which had a power delay of 20 seconds, and unacceptable deviation."

    "How power is calculated inside the Newton remains a well-kept secret, but it has been improved considerably by the manufacturer since 2004."

    "The Newton’s results are surprising. The Newton and combined speed/cadence sensor can be mounted quickly. After a ten minute out-and back test ride the device is ready and shows amazingly, almost exactly the same values as the [direct force] power meters."

    "The super-sensitive accelerometer allows even a view of pedal stroke."

    "iBike Isaac software is very graphical, with many features that will be immediately appreciated by professionals...the software has all the features you need for serious performance training and even has significantly more."

  9. Early review

    Posted by Brian Heiland on 13th Jan 2014

    I think that I have been asked to review a bit early. Bought the newton with hopes to continue my computrainer training once it gets comfortable to ride outside.
    Only had one short ride so far. First impression is good and that newton will supply data to be used as a good training tool.

  10. Amazing

    Posted by Manek on 4th Nov 2013

    Love my Newton. I've now had the chance to compare it to a DFPM, and confirmed that it's right on. It's way easier to change bikes than if you have a DFPM-- just move the unit to the other bike and do a quick calibration ride. Same with switching riders, so it's possible to share with another person. The Isaac software does everything I need.

    If you ride in the rain, you'll want to get the remote wind sensor... otherwise, water will get in and screw up your readings.

    I also got the indoor trainer firmware upgrade... Had to calibrate on my own, bc I have an off-brand trainer that's not on the list, but that was easy to do with my borrowed powertap wheel.

    Thanks to whoever had the lightbulb moment that produced this device... My guess is that other brands will be putting out competing models sometime in the future, bc the Newton just makes so much sense.

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